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Essential Tip - Jumbo Star

Essential Tip - Jumbo Star


Extra Large Pastry Tip

I use this for decorating cakes and cupcakes.  The large scale makes it easy to make beautiful desserts.  Here is my post with tips for decorating this Chocolate Cake.


Hydrangea Cupcakes.

I think it is so fabulous to be able to make something out of nothing. I love that with a few simple ingredients (hello, cake mix!) and tools, it is possible to make something really beautiful. These hydrangea cupcakes are a great example of making something really pretty out of nothing.

I used a box cake mix for the cupcakes - no shame. To set off the color of the blue "hydrangea" I used these Brown Cupcake Papers They are taller than standard cupcake papers, but still fit into a standard 2" cupcake pan. They make a bigger cupcake, which is nice when you use this much frosting.

Best used with Disposable Pastry Bags, found here > 


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