Everyday Essential : Cleaning Bottles

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Cleaning Bottles : 

Three plastic bottles come blank and empty, with several labels included for you to affix yourself.  Each holds approximately 32 ounces of liquid.

Disinfecting Spray : You can put any Antibacterial spray in this bottle - like Lysol.  

Floor Spray : I like to use good ole fashion Murphy's Oil Soap, 1 part oil soap + 6 parts water.  I spray my wood floors and use a microfiber mop brush on a daily basis.  A water and vinegar mixture works great, too. 

Glass Cleaner : I dilute windex for my window and glass cleaner... I don't like the overwhelming chemical smell of the full strength.  

About my Everyday Essential Bottles Collection :

Half of you are going to think I am crazy (you have too much time on your hands, blah, blah...).  The other half are going to say - "Yes! This is what I've been looking for!" just like me.  I have always wanted clean, fresh bottles with clean fresh labels for every single bottle in my house.  Like most things, I thought if I want it, there is likely a group (of you!) out there that are on the same page.  

It took me about 20 minutes to fill all of the bottles from my collections (Kitchen, Cleaning, Laundry & Bath and Shower) and it was so gratifying to get rid of all of those brightly colored, tacky bottles designed to grab your attention in the Target aisle.  Now, when I look under the sink, or in my shower, or in my laundry room I am no longer confronted with those red, black, green, orange and bright blue labels, but these soothing clean bottles.  Everything already feels more organized.  They can also help us reduce our footprint by buying in bulk (less packaging to recycle) and buying in bulk means running less errands... something I detest.  Have I convinced you yet?  You know you will love them.  

I designed the packaging to be subtle and classic - no bright colors or distracting labels to take away from your beautiful kitchen.  These bottles come blank and empty, ready to be labeled (included) and filled with your favorite products.

*Thoroughly clean bottles with a dry lint-free cloth before applying labels.

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