Farmhouse Pottery Yellowware Bowls | 2 sizes

Farmhouse Pottery Yellowware Bowls | 2 sizes

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We discovered Farmhouse Pottery on our trips throughout the New England area - especially in Woodstock, Vermont, where it is created.  We've visited it workshop and showroom, and actually have had our hands in the clay while we watched master potters at work.  They are special pieces to treasure and to give.

Another regular you've seen in my kitchen for years... but I only have the medium so far.  The Large is on my list. 

Perfect for serving, baking or left out on your countertop.  Functional and timeless.
Medium: 7.5” X 3.5" X 4”
Large: 11” X 5” X 4.5''

Wheel thrown in Vermont.
Durable American stoneware.
Oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

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