Kraft To-Go Boxes

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Set of 10 boxes with 20 small ramekin containers and lids.

Boxed Lunches, Picnics, Parties, Freezer Meals, Leftovers...

We are no strangers to these boxes.  They are used at many restaurants for to-go salads and leftovers.  They are so useful at home, too.  I love to pack up leftovers for Mike's lunch the next day.  If it is a freezer friendly meal, I'll wrap the box in plastic wrap and throw it into the freezer.  So handy to pull out on soccer nights or if I want a real dinner when Mike's out of town and Emma wants a box of Mac and Cheese : )

I made lunch in them for the girls at the school house this week - my favorite salad. Greens, Roasted Chicken, Goat Cheese & Cranberries with a Tangy Dijon Dressing. It was so easy to make them the night before and stack the boxes in the fridge - a perfect idea for easy lunches for the week, too.

Roasted Chicken & Goat Cheese Salad Recipe >

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