Annedore's Easter Candy

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Back this year by popular demand!

From 2020 :

My neighbor next to the new shop is a lovely chocolate shop, Annedore's Fine Chocolates.  We've been patrons for years, walking there frequently (like 3-4 times a week...) for after school treats.  It is Emma's #1 favorite place to go.  They know her there... long before we became neighbors.  In fact, it was one of the reasons the new store location was so perfect - right next to a charming chocolatier.  Does it get any better than that??

As we were all closing our doors up a couple of weeks ago, I started chatting with the owner of Annedore's - what was her plan?  She wasn't quite sure.  She had just finished decorating for Easter a week prior and pulled out all of their Easter Chocolates.  Ugh.

I was still forming my Easter Collection at that point, so I offered to include her chocolates in my online collection.  It seemed like a perfect partnership.  

Her chocolates are really something special.  They are all handmade and the most luscious velvety chocolate I've ever tasted.  These classic Easter designs are perfect to fill baskets with, or to send as a care package to brighten someone's day.  If you would like to know what 8-year-old girls would highly recommend, I hear the "Sour Bunnies" are "soooooo good, Mom."  : )

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