Dogwood Pillow Cover with Striped Flange | 3 Sizes

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*restocking Jan 3rd.

100% cotton, printed and sewn in the US.

Fabric Swatches & coordinating yardage can be ordered, here.


Most items will ship 2-4 weeks.


Medium 19" Square Pillow Cover (needs 20-22" insert)

Large 22" Square Pillow Cover (needs 24-26" insert)

Rectangle Pillow Cover 26" x 16" (needs 26x16" insert)


Wheat : warm gold, khaki color.

Hosta Green : a neutral green with warm, yet blueish undertones.


* We recommend hand washing or delicate cycle, air dry.  Personally, I wash and dry for everyday, easy use which fades the print slightly, making it more casual.  A gentle press is probably needed... though I don't worry about it most of the time.

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