Acrylic Paints | 9 colors

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I don't consider myself a super talented painter. I do feel confident about picking pretty subjects and mixing pretty colors - I love mixing colors. So, I usually pick a scene from a trip or a favorite place, and I go about mixing pretty colors, layering textures and dabbing away until I get something that communicates with me - triggers the feelings I had when we were there.

I really encourage anyone that has had an urge to paint (or craft, sew, cook, create...) anything to just go for it. There are really no rules - or any that I care about anyway. I just dive right in and figure it out as I go. You really have to be willing to create something just for yourself. If you like it and are moved by it, then that is all that matters.

On the blog, I walk you through how I created a painting based on a hike on Mt. Tom we took in Woodstock, Vermont a couple of years ago. The painting (prints of the painting...) will be available in the Fall Collection coming in a few weeks.   Blog Post >

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