Chadwick Grey Ribbon | Satin & Grosgrain

Chadwick Grey Ribbon | Satin & Grosgrain

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The first thing I did when I started my event planning and wedding design business (almost 8 yrs. ago - yikes) was buy huge spools of ribbon in every color.  Because I purchase it in such large spools, it is so much more cost efficient per yard than buying it at craft stores (typically $1-2/yard).   I love having masses of it at my disposal - it has come in handy so many times... lots of creative last minute gifts look great with a beautiful bow. 


When I wrap packages, I like to be able to use ribbon generously and to have enough to go around the package twice and make a nice bow.  My favorite are classically tied bows that can to be untied with one pull on the streamer... no tugging and double knots.


This ribbon should last you well into the new year - even with very generous bows!....



Satin : There is nothing more luxurious and special than Double Faced Satin Ribbon... especially in large quantities.  This Double Faced Satin Ribbon is such a luscious and luxurious way to splurge this... without really splurging.


Grosgrain :  I love Grosgrain Ribbon because of the subtle richness and texture.  It is the casual elegance of grosgrain that makes it perfect for wrapping gifts and baked goods.

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