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Aunt Lisa's Vintage Botanicals

Aunt Lisa's Vintage Botanicals

Please allow 2-3 weeks for production.

My Aunt Lisa collected and mounted these botanicals in college in 1973.  She foraged them as part of a class assignment from local parks, roadsides, forests and river bluffs near the University of Missouri.  As she's been cleaning out her home, she've given me many treasures.  This collection of botanicals were handed off without much fanfare - maybe for the School House, she suggested.  I let them sit in a cupboard for a couple of years.  Recently I've been noticing more "real" botanicals.  Instead of their perfect lithograph counterparts, I've been attracted to the real anatomy of preserved plants and flowers - just like these.  When I came across them again, I saw them with fresh eyes, inspired by their sheer existence (50 years old) and by examining them - little glimpses of surviving color, delicate petals still intact, fuzzy textures and brittle stems.  

I've photographed each one to further preserve them. These botanicals are prints of the original.


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