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Kitchen Containers - Set of 18

Kitchen Containers - Set of 18

This is something I've wanted to have in my kitchen for a long time.  If you have ever worked in a restaurant or bakery, there are certain things that you will find hard baking/cooking without at home.  One of those things is Parchment Paper Sheets.  Another thing is a large quantity of plain, clear plastic food containers.  

You've seen the Barefoot Contessa use these to store everything from her homemade chicken stock to Jeffery's gelato and prepared pasta salad for a picnic.  I love how they stack in my refrigerator and the freezer to make everything accessible.  They are dishwasher safe on the top rack, and work great in the freezer.  They are even microwavable (though I do not like to microwave plastic). 

Our "tupperware" cabinet had become sort of a mishmash of collected lids and containers.  It was over-flowing (even after just living in our house for 9 months) and ugly. It felt good to clean it out and get it down to the fresh and simple stacks.  These plastic containers stack so efficiently - they hardly take up any room at all... and all of the containers use the same lids.  No more trying to match lids - all the same.  Ah, the little things : )  

Here, I'm making Homemade Granola, using the containers to store all of our dry goods in the pantry.

The set comes with 3 sizes (32, 16, 8oz.) that all use the same size lids.  

18 Containers (6 of each size)

 BPA free.


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